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5 Interesting Facts About Jack Daniels Whiskey

Posted on 17/08/2017


5 things you didn’t know about Jack Daniels, one of the world’s favourite whiskeys!

Jack Daniels Facts


Did you know…

5 Interesting Facts About Jack Daniels Whiskey

Jack Daniels is among many various whiskeys found in liquor stores and supermarkets. It is a famous American icon, one of the most recognisable alcoholic drinks and the leading whiskey in the world. It has been around for almost 150 years and remains as popular today. Jack Daniels has an interesting history, read below for some fun facts you many not know.

It’s Made in a Dry County

A dry county is one that allows no sales of alcohol at all. One of these counties is Moore County in the city of Lynchburg, Tennessee, and it is here that the Jack Daniels distillery is located. The government of Moore County forbids the sale of alcoholic beverages in stores and restaurants in its jurisdiction.

The entire state of Tennessee was dry in the early 1900s, and remained that way for close to 30 years. The Jack Daniels distillery came to a halt. Lem Motlow, the proprietor of the Jack Daniels distillery at the time, was part of the government. He helped pass a bill to allow the making of spirits in the state legal, even if they couldn’t be consumed there. After this law passed the distillery was re-opened and and flourished.


More Than One Variety

It is often assumed that Jack Daniels is just one whiskey, however there is more! There are 4 versions: Gentleman Jack, the original Old No.7, Tennessee Honey and Jack Daniels Single Barrel. Each whiskey differs in mellowing and mature processes. Along with different ingredients each flavour is unique and appeals to a variety of tastes. Occasionally you may see limited and special editions of Jack Daniels too.


You Can Buy the Barrel

Jack Daniels have a ‘Buy the Barrell’ program – perfect if you are a true lover of the drink! For $10,000 customers can purchase an entire barrel of whiskey bottles specially for you. You get around 240 bottles in a barrel which comes to around $42 per bottle – plus the barrel that it was matured in to keep. Jack Daniels even offer you the option to visit the distillery to pick out your own bottle. A little far for us in the UK, but still pretty nice! For us who aren’t so close by, the distillery will arrange to have your barrel and bottles shipped to a near by retailer.

Jack Daniels is made in charred white oak barrels. Maturing depends on the area of the distillery that the barrel is store, so no two batches are ever perfectly the same. The bottles from the ‘Buy the Barrel’ program will be exclusive to you.


Customized Bottles

Head over to Jack Daniels Facebook page where you can create as many as 10 personalised labels per month! Customers can create their own Gentlemen Jack label to fix to a bottle of Single Barrel Select Whiskey. This makes a great gift for any Jack Daniels lover!


A Master Distiller is a Hard Job

The Master Distiller is responsible for ensuring each batch lives up to the Jack Daniels high standard. It is the most important job in the entire distillery. The current Master Distiller at Jack Daniels is Jeff Arnet, currently the 7th one ever! To only have 7 over almost 150 years, this shows that there is some serious skill and commitment to the job. The original Master Distiller was Mr. Jack Daniel himself. Many of the procedures he put in place are still used today.


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