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Styling Your Beard With A Razor

Posted on 27/06/2017

styling your beard with a razor

To most individuals who grow a beard the use of razor may sound strange. However a razor is one of the most important tools to consider when styling your beard properly.


Although beard trimmers and scissors can be used for beard maintenance, the use of a razor has many benefits which are explained in the details below.


Reasons to use a razor when styling your beard

Beard trimmers and scissors should be used for different purposes and occasions. Beard trimmer scan be used for maintaining the beard length at certain levels, styling the moustache, chin and cheek.

Scissors can be used to style parts of the beard where more precision is required and can also be used to style the facial hair, moustache and chin.

Why is it better to choose a razor over these tools when you want to style your beard?

The major reason is because beard trimmers and scissors are not precise in some areas, for instance it is nearly impossible to clean the neck and cheek line from hair with trimmers and scissors. Furthermore, styling your beard like a goatee or Van Dyke will not be possible with both tools.

This is why it is important to learn how to style your beard with razor. The kind of razor to be used depends on your choice.


Different Types of Razor to Use


To choose the right kind of razor to use you have to consider your budget, skin type as well as the convenience. Here are some razor types you can choose from.


Cartridge razors

Cartridge razors can be purchased almost anywhere. They offer cut free shaving and are very easy to replace.

Some cartridge razors like the Gillette Fusion have a blade on the back facet of the cartridge head, which provide high-quality precision needed to outline the strains of your beard. For guys with sensitive skin, it is recommend to use a cartridge razor that has fewer blades.


Safety Razors

Safety razors offer greater precision and are friendly to sensitive skin.

Despite the fact that safety razors can be somewhat expensive to buy, the “running expenses” are low. Since you utilize disposable blade, shaving with a top safety razor can cost as little as a pound each month, depending how frequently you’ll be utilizing it to shape your beard.


Straight Razors

If you’re searching for a definitive accuracy device in shaping your beard, look no further.

Straight razors are the sort of razors that each hair stylist uses for shaping your beard or moustache. On the off chance that the stars are utilizing it, there must be a justifiable reason for it.

You have to figure out how to hold and painstakingly shave with it to abstain from cutting yourself. It’s sharp and requires a precise method when you shave with it. On the off chance that you don’t give careful consideration, the excessively uncovered cutting edge of a shavette can drive you away from utilizing it and perhaps give your face a few cuts. However, it merits attempting it at least once since it gives you an extremely close shave at the area you wish to shape.


How to style your beard with a razor


Face Preparation

Just like shaving, preparation of the skin that you’re going to shave is required. Therefore, you can do the following:

Take a warm shower before you begin styling your beard or splash a small towel in warm water. Apply the warm wet towel to the skin that you want to shave and hold it there for a couple of minutes.

The warm water enables the pores of your face to open up and diminishes up your facial hair. This will make your styling with a razor considerably easier and will decrease the odds of getting skin aggravation or razor burns.



Different methods and products can be used for lathering of the face.

You can utilize canned shaving froth or gel, or you take after the more customary wet shave washed procedures with shaving cleanser or cream with a shaving brush.

Shaving brush with a shaving cleanser or cream is again suggested for folks with sensitive skin.


A shaving brush can get down into your skin pores more effectively. When you locate the perfect washed item for you, apply on the beard zone against the beard growth development which you want to shave.


Mapping the Shaving Area

Mapping involves applying the foam around the area you want to shave and this will definitely get your hands messy.

With your fingernail, draw the lines on your cheeks and neck so as to shave close to the required beard area. On your neck, adhere to the boundary from the edge of your jaw down to over your Adam’s apple. Different individuals may draw a diverse line however that is the main area most men shave.

Start the Shaving

Take the razor in your grasp and begin shaving the regions that you mapped out.

For those with sensitive skin, attempt to shave with the grain regardless of the kind of razor you’re utilizing.

You can make things easier if the skin is pulled in the opposite direction of your shave. Along these lines, you will see the beard line that you need to shave better and be more exact without shaving any valuable beard off.


Clean up the mess

Now that you’re through with the shaving, rinse your face with cool water to help close the pores. By doing this, you reduce or even prevent your skin from irritation.

When you complete the process of rinsing, dry your face with a clean face towel.



Aftershave can then be applied after drying your face properly. Else, it will get diluted and lose its properties. Apply the aftershave on the areas that you shaved against the growth of your hair. The aftershave will keep your skin hydrated and soft, making it compelling to touch.


Take a photograph

You definitely merit a photograph! You have done an amazing job by styling your beard with a razor and it’s your snapshot of wonderfulness.


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