Male Manicure

At its most basic level, a manicure for men entails filing down nails, softening the skin on the hands, and shaping the cuticles. A manicure for men starts with cutting your nails with a nail clipper. Clip only the white part of the nail and try to perform only one clip per nail.

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Manicure Price List

Shellac Manicure

£ 18.00
£18.00/45min Cuticles/File/Shape/Shellac CDN Shellac Manicure with Nourishing Hand Treatment

Vinlux Manicure with Nourishing hand treatment

£ 20.00
£20.00/1hour Our therapist will treat your hands to a file and shape followed up with some cuticle work and then treat your hands to an exfoliation, apply soothing hand lotion before moving on to an indulgent massage. After your massage, we will apply a hand mask and some heated mitts and finally, we will add a nail strengthener or a Vinylux gel.

Signature Manicure (Ladies)

£ 15.00
£15.00/45min Cuticles/File/Shape/Vinylux

Executive Manicure (Gents)

£ 15.00
£15.00/30min Our therapist clean and shape your nails differently to how they would shape a woman’s nails and whilst they do buff your nails, no varnish is applied to the nails so the end results is neat well looked after but natural-looking nails.