Reuzel aftershave 100ml


Slap a little Reuzel Aftershave on after you shave. Our T4 Tonic Blend immediately
goes to work toning and moisturizing. And a brisk citrus and sandalwood scent leaves you with the confidence to get on with your day.


  • Leaves your skin feeling cool and smooth
  • T4 Tonic blend to nourish skin
  • Notes of citrus and sandalwood

Reuzel Aftershave makes the work of shaving worthwhile, leaving your skin refreshed and smelling fantastic.

Dash some Reuzel Aftershave onto your palms and massage in onto your cheeks, neck and anywhere else you’ve just shaved. You’ll feel it go to work nstantaneously, tightening your pores and nourishing tender skin.


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